Apart from the COVID19 pandemic, according to WHO and EACCI forecasts, allergy is currently one of the most serious threats to civilization. 

Particularly worrying is the allergic march in children, with one in three European children already suffering from some form of allergy. The trend observed in Europe in the incidence of various types of allergies justifies the claim that in the perspective of the coming decade, it should be expected that no less than 50% of all Europeans will report to the doctor with symptoms of one or another hypersensitivity, this problem already recognized almost a decade earlier by J. G. de Monchy et al. [Allergology in Europe, the blueprint, Allergy, Europ, Journ on Allegry & Clinic. Immunology, 68; 2013]. 

The reference European study of the most common allergy profiles GA2LEN was
performed more than 15 years ago in 2005.
SkinSens™ Project which is focused on automation of in vivo allergy diagnosis creates
an advantage to initiate a new Pilot Clinical Trial, aimed on identification of the most
common inhalant allergies across the Europe.
The data collected in the EURALP1 (European Allergy Profile1) study will be entirely
available for publication within the research centers that will participate in the
Program, and in the future, the expanding database of digital results may provide an
excellent starting point for meta-analyses and comparisons of the dynamics of
individual allergy types by population (gender, age, etc.) and geography.
We would like to offer the possibility of creating a Common European Research Tool
(CERT) on basis of our digital solutions SkinSens™, and which could be repeated
periodically in different EU countries.

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